Beneath Clear Skies

Clear skies tonight
We can see straight
into Heaven
As you scatter
all Your treasures
to the ground

So what do we do?

We step out
Out our boxes
Out our own heads
Outside our own expectations

And we catch Your delights
in our hands
in our hair
in our mouths

Your glory gets in everywhere

And we dance

Jesus, we dance for You

Cos when heaven comes
to earth
what can one do
but dance?

Painting ~ Nicolette Stewart | Words ~ Abi Ackhurst


Love Poem

Let my heart burn for you
Let the pulse of my life
fall in time with your breathing
You have
Covered us with your blood
Showered us in Your grace
I’m drenched in forever and surrounded by Today
A burning reality of a 3D dream
I feel your breathe in my hair
Feel your gaze in my heart
Added to your list
of favorite favorites
I’m right at the top
Extravagant Love
Extraordinary Elegance
You move me
You mold me
That secret place where beauty
is born
and freedom is found
Take me there again
and again
I want to live there


Capture my heart

image – Sally Schulze | words Abi Ackhurst ~ Aug ’11




by Debi Hubbard