It’s when you have nothing left to give or do
that you find out God has been keeping you afloat all along.
If you give up trying to control your life
and give everything into His keeping,
He’ll carry you to the shore of His choice
by the route of His design.

image & words ~ Nicolette Stewart




Refleclion… not a typo, but a mighty fine lion and his reflection.

He posed for this shot at the Addo Elephant Park. Photo taken by Scott Wilson.

Sacred Stardust

In the outermost darkness of my most desolate heart
I despaired “Have You forgotten that we are but dust?!”

In exquisite suffering

He revealed He can never forget His promise…
In grace restoring my life,
colours come back
And sometimes I hear a whispering, a longing…
perhaps Him calling us to remember
We are not just any old dust
But His sacred stardust
Animated by His Own Breath
Set out to play
In the glorious splendour
Of the infinite light
Of His great love

image ~ Nicolette Stewart | words ~ Wendy Koll


Today’s post is a fresh new painting from Debi Hubbard, entitled Hope. The full length of the piece is below, with a zoom in on the detail underneath.


by Debi Hubbard


Just a reminder…


Here is some delicious food art for you to feast your eyes on. David Cox, the creator of the dish above, is a talented chef who is pioneering underground dining in East London. He also runs Master Classes. See his website for more info.

The Wall

Hiding safe behind stone walls, the thick door

Bolted , unyielding. None in, nothing out.

Safely afar off, cool, firm and secure,

I could watch, listen, and never be touched.

Nobody’s pain could reach me to disturb.

No one could unsettle my small silent space.

True some tried: dancing, singing and laughing,

They enticed me to want a taste of joy,

Tempted me to hope, but I knew better.

They wrote and questioned challenging me to think.

They beat at the door and battered the walls

In angry power hoping I would fear,

But I stood firm. My pride shielded me.

They offered me promises to believe,

But I clung to the safety of my doubts.

Behind thick walls, my solid door bolted.

Then the unthinkable: there came a child

Whose name meant love.

Like a grass shoot cracking a paving stone

She found the way in.

Now I am broken, softened, all undone.

I float rudderless, completely adrift.

In this wide open world that is freedom.

Johan Rich is the photographer and writer of today’s post which touches on the adoption of their beautiful daughter, Thandi – pictured here as a toddler.

Not the norm… funky Friday!

Friday is here! We’re celebrating the weekend with a zooty prophetic art piece from one of our younger artists, Sarah Raats. She drew this gorgeous Zebra, who brings a message…

My paraphrase: God is going to do unusual things, extraordinary things, unexpected things. Look at his happy grin! It is going to be an adventure-and-a-half, full of blessing, love, joy and laughter!