Colours of Love

Painting by Caitlin Schulze


More Legs Than Me


Photo taken by Di Wilson


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He is sucking us into a new realm, a new sound, a new love, A NEW…

Original artwork & words ~ Anna Cocks (13)

Anna brought this prophetic word and drawing during worship this morning in church.

As it is all about newness, I took the liberty of playing with the image digitally and discovered WordPress slideshows in the process!



The Fabric of Me

Woven together

Each strand in its place

Dreams not perchance

Hopes not misplaced

DNA formed to Your grand design

Each gifting on purpose

Each love refined

An open channel

A clear written book

A riverbed waiting for Love to flow through…

… the fabric of me

Born to love

and be loved

I am made for You

Artwork ~ Hayley Wilson | Words ~ Di Wilson

Glory Rain

Painting ~ Nicolette Stewart

Overflowing Love

Jesus loves kiddies and our kiddies love Him back!

Drawing by (a much younger than she is now) Nikita Wilson

True Love

Painting by Caitlin Schulze

Facets of God

Artist ~ Glen Hubbard

This painting is one of four murals that line the back of our platform at church. They were created by 4 individual artists during worship times at our Spring Conference in 2011. We’ll be featuring the other 3 on this blog as well.

In the photo to the left, you can see the early stages of this incredible piece starting to take shape.


Debi Hubbard