The door has been slammed!

slam doorFor many years I would struggle to “enter in” during worship. Others seemed to “feel the presence”, but I would be feeling unworthy and thinking of all that disqualified me and trying to confess everything and trying to stop thinking about something which I shouldn’t be thinking about in church and…

I arrived a bit late for church after a rushed 45min drive to HCC and worship had begun. I looked at the words and began to sing. Some distracting thoughts came in: How I had sped, trying to make up time, other thoughts crowded for attention. But, I just found myself ‘brushing’ them aside. I am in Christ. I’m here to enjoy some corporate Worship and share the Word with fellow believers.

Then the picture…

The queue of thoughts, were cartoon characters, all rushing towards the doorway of my heart. As they got there, Jesus slammed the door in their face. Typical cartoon, they all got their faces/noses flattened as they hit the door and piled into one another.

When you are in Jesus, you are IN Him. When you are ‘attacked’, you are not out on a battle field all alone, desperately trying to remember what you were taught by the Commander and what your orders werefrom the General and “What must I do to make sure I get into base!”

When whatever comes at you, remember that Jesus is no longer outside, knocking, wanting to come in. You have allowed Him in and you are now IN Christ. Thoughts are a reality. So is temptation and condemnation. But the reality to live by is that Jesus knows all our weaknesses and troubles. He died to clear their blot even before you repented or understood His Love or The Fathers Grace, even before you promised ‘never to do that again’, for the 1000th time.

That’s releasing, freeing, liberating GOOD NEWS.

What fun to slam the door on guilt and condemnation. Even better, to know that Jesus slammed the door completely and finally at the cross.

 Words – Stan Dugmore (20 July 2014 – During Worship)



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