The Wall

Hiding safe behind stone walls, the thick door

Bolted , unyielding. None in, nothing out.

Safely afar off, cool, firm and secure,

I could watch, listen, and never be touched.

Nobody’s pain could reach me to disturb.

No one could unsettle my small silent space.

True some tried: dancing, singing and laughing,

They enticed me to want a taste of joy,

Tempted me to hope, but I knew better.

They wrote and questioned challenging me to think.

They beat at the door and battered the walls

In angry power hoping I would fear,

But I stood firm. My pride shielded me.

They offered me promises to believe,

But I clung to the safety of my doubts.

Behind thick walls, my solid door bolted.

Then the unthinkable: there came a child

Whose name meant love.

Like a grass shoot cracking a paving stone

She found the way in.

Now I am broken, softened, all undone.

I float rudderless, completely adrift.

In this wide open world that is freedom.

Johan Rich is the photographer and writer of today’s post which touches on the adoption of their beautiful daughter, Thandi – pictured here as a toddler.