The Bride

I stretch out my hand
Unwrapping bondage and ignorance
I am Life and I am Light,
Illuminating your mind
To who I am and
Who you are.

I bring you rich, abundant life,
pouring endless favour, healing
and passion to you.
I clothe you in a pure perfect
and complete garment,
sewn in the spilling of my blood.

I give you precious Holy Spirit
who links your arm and
walks you down the aisle of your life,
giving you all you need,
bringing you to me,
your beloved bridegroom.

How beautiful you are, my darling !
Oh, how beautiful !
Your eyes behind your veil
are doves.
There is no flaw in you.
You have stolen my heart,
my bride.

My hands drip with myrrh for you.
As a deer pants for streams,
So I long for you.

Come my lover,
Come into my choice garden
and taste the choice fruits.

painting (copyright) Nicolette Stewart | words ~ Di Bosse