Working with Wood

I’ve been hanging onto this post, wondering how to show off these images in the best way possible. The story behind them is something very close to my heart. I’d like to introduce you to Grant Puchert – who is 11, and Richard Whitbread, a sprightly 85. Richard is a carpenter with an extraordinary way with wood. He also has a teacher’s heart  and has been mentoring Grant in the art of woodwork. Below you will find photos of some of the things that Grant has made. Did I mention that he’s only 11?


I think there is something so right about 85 years of finely honed gifting and talent being passed onto the new generation.

Dream with me for a moment, if you will… imagine each of us took the time to take our gifting – whatever it may be – and pass it on to a younger someone with similar talents.

Can you imagine?