Living Water

Living Water

Photo by Di Wilson


Glory Rain

Painting ~ Nicolette Stewart

Facets of God

Artist ~ Glen Hubbard

This painting is one of four murals that line the back of our platform at church. They were created by 4 individual artists during worship times at our Spring Conference in 2011. We’ll be featuring the other 3 on this blog as well.

In the photo to the left, you can see the early stages of this incredible piece starting to take shape.


by Debi Hubbard

Beneath Clear Skies

Clear skies tonight
We can see straight
into Heaven
As you scatter
all Your treasures
to the ground

So what do we do?

We step out
Out our boxes
Out our own heads
Outside our own expectations

And we catch Your delights
in our hands
in our hair
in our mouths

Your glory gets in everywhere

And we dance

Jesus, we dance for You

Cos when heaven comes
to earth
what can one do
but dance?

Painting ~ Nicolette Stewart | Words ~ Abi Ackhurst