Colours of Love

Painting by Caitlin Schulze


Glory Rain

Painting ~ Nicolette Stewart

True Love

Painting by Caitlin Schulze

Facets of God

Artist ~ Glen Hubbard

This painting is one of four murals that line the back of our platform at church. They were created by 4 individual artists during worship times at our Spring Conference in 2011. We’ll be featuring the other 3 on this blog as well.

In the photo to the left, you can see the early stages of this incredible piece starting to take shape.


Debi Hubbard


Today’s post is a fresh new painting from Debi Hubbard, entitled Hope. The full length of the piece is below, with a zoom in on the detail underneath.


by Debi Hubbard


Today’s post features a two part painting by Debi Hubbard. She painted the first one months before she knew she needed to add the second one. I won’t say any more. These images speak for themselves. Enjoy!


It’s beautiful like

the power to choose

the power to change

the power to lose

and still not fail

To lose your life (to really live)

To lose yourself (in Him)

To lose your heart

To lose it to save those

Far from

His face…

It’s beautiful,

this longing,

like a thirst that’s


like a drought that’s


like a book that’s written

by the blind and deaf

and that just makes a

brilliant movie…

Living is better than

thinking about


Breathing is better than

a remembered

gasp of air

Moving is better than

wishing you


Just live

Just breathe

Just move


painting ~ Nicolette Stewart | words ~ Abi Ackhurst

Getting to the heart…

Di here, I have the lovely task of administrating this blog. I am not a painter myself, so one of the things that intrigues me the most, is to watch those who do, in action during worship. I love watching the process unfold as what they see in their minds translates through their fingers onto the canvas.

For today’s post, I thought it would be fun to include a glimpse into the process as well as the finished product.

Meet Amy Cox…

And now for the finished product…